Grocery Shopping Strategies during the pandemic

by Dow Group on August 25, 2020
It seems an endless job to keep your refrigerator full these days now that your family is home around the clock. Need a strategy to buy groceries to save yourself trips to the store and manage a budget that is reasonable with all the rise of food costs at such hectic times? Then here is your solution.
First you need to plan your meals, plot your meals for the week, this will allow you to limit your grocery list to the items you need, not to forget snacks for the week. Plan meals that require similar ingredients to reduce food waste, use recipe applications that use ingredients you already have at home. And don’t forget to check your fridge before you go.
Your second step is to benefit from items on sale. Plan your meals, accordingly, choose your ingredients based on the store’s current sales.
Look high and low, a new trick used at stores is placing expensive items at the shopper’s eye level, so don’t just grab items as you walk through aisles, spend extra time looking on shelf and compare prices and always review prices of other brands in the product’s aisle.
Use a hand-basket, the bigger the cart the more tempted you are to fill it with products you don’t really need and with tasty temptations that aren’t essential. A hand-basket is sure to help you stick to your list.
Stock up on items that are on sale, you may store frozen products or freeze fruits and vegetables, which will save you time and money in the future. Having something healthy at hand for a last minute stir fry or smoothie to reduce the temptation of ordering takeout.